Day 7 of 30 - Ruby Coding Challenge - Factorial Numbers - Better Version

Day 7 of 30 - Ruby Coding Challenge - Factorial Numbers - Better Version

Hey folks!

In today’s post, which is the writing version of the Youtube video, we’ll rewrite the previous algorithm with a little bit better version. It’ll be really quick, I promise.

#1 - Algorithm Version 1. As usual, Ugly

Just to remember, this was the first algorithm version

def factorial(number)
  result = number
  while number > 1
    result = result * (number - 1)
    number = number - 1
  return result

puts factorial(1)

#2 - Algorithm Version 2. A Little Better

I’d like to keep the argument number intact, which means that I don’t want to use it to control my while loop

Ruby has an amazing and easy way to deal with arrays in this case

(1..(number - 1))

With the code above we’re saying to Ruby to iterate with numbers between 1 and number - 1.

Notice that number - 1 is the pattern used for each iteration.

(1..(number - 1)).each do |item|


Notice that the method each gives us the current number, which is the item, for each iteration

The final version would be:

def factorial_version_2(number)
  final_result = number
  (1..(number - 1)).each do |item|
    final_result = final_result * item
  return final_result

puts factorial_version_2(5)

As you can see, we avoid the number mutation, which means that our code is less error-prone and easier to read. Cool!

In the next video we’ll refactor this code a little bit more to reflect a more Ruby way to solve things. See you there :)

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