Podcast review

Podcast Review #1: How to create content daily

Podcast Review #1: How to create content daily

Hey friend!

I usually take some terrible handwritten notes when I’m reading a book and lately I’ve been following the same approach while listening podcasts

It helps me:

  • Keeping my podcast list really short. Taking notes is really time consuming
  • Being more active when it comes to consuming data
  • Keeping my memory in some artificial place. The physical place is usually terrible
  • When I need to revisit the most important lessons I’ve learned in the month

So I was wondering, why not share them? Let’s the journey begin..

Podcast Review #1: How to create content daily

I’m starting this kind of blog category here. Podcast Reviews.


  • for folks who want to just see a review and decide if the topic is interesting
  • for folks who want to just discover more content
  • for folks who want to just laugh at my notes

Let’s start with the first episode in this series, which is from an amazing Podcast from Sean McCabe and Ben Toalson: How to create content daily

If you want to go to sleep, just take 2 notes:



If you have more time (or the same amount of time but a great level of curiosity)

Podcast Focus

We should create content daily (genius).

Sean and Ryan go from some important motivations behind this idea:

  • you can avoid overthinking and just do it: share content
  • probably you will spend the same amount of time doing it daily when comparing with doing it weekly
  • you’ll learn way more faster putting content online and getting feedback

How to

Here Sean and Ryan explore some patterns to follow

  • first of all, forget imperfections. Just embrace it and learn through the journey and feedbacks
  • split the content into several different parts and share them over the week
  • recording a podcast? film yourself while you’re recording. You can share some important pieces via social media
  • improve quality over time, but forget it for now. Focus on quantity with consistency
  • even with fancy gear, you can keep it simple when it comes to sharing single pieces of content
  • don’t worry about social media rules. Do you get something that

Biggest Lesson for me

Keep it simple and forget imperfections. Share your journey, your progress. Document it.

People love real life and real life has behind the scenes. We always love waiting to see the behind the scenes.

Let’s keep in touch 🙂

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