Weekly Review #1

Weekly Review #1


This is my first Weekly Review and I’m planning to do this just to force me thinking about the lessons learned and new discoveries.

Let’s see if this is something valuable or not

This week was amazing! For 2 main reasons:

  • Great discussions and tactical movements at our company. Really excited about what is coming šŸš€
  • I started my journey in creating content. Finally :)


I’ve discovered Twitter and Linkedin again. Two completely different goals but they each have their places

It was great to see again how much I can learn while scrolling Twitter for 2 minutes. Of course, it depends on the type of people you follow


I’ve discovered this amazing Podcast from Sean McCabe. Fantastic! For the next week I’ll try a new experiment: I’ll share Podcasts Overview.


I’ve finally hit the record button. Finally! It was tough. Really tough.

My voice is weird, my English is not good, you would completely forget your own name when you’re talking to the camera alone

I hope to get better soon.


I’ve started one important commitment: write a piece of content every single day. That’s a hard but remarkable challenge! I’ve posted only 3 posts

since I decided to do that

Just a quick note: it’s not easy to write a personal post. Really. But being vulnerable brings you to an interesting good environment, mentally at least.


I’ve finished The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger, CEO of Disney (former CEO now) and I’m preparing a book review. It was an amazing ride, btw

Stats of this Week

I’ve shared my posts on Medium. Well, 3 views šŸ˜…. I’m not “how many views I’m having” kind of person and I don’t care that much about theses numbers

But hopefully Medium will like me a little bit more in the future :)


Analytics says a little bit different history. It seems a good start but I have no idea yet.

I wouldn’t count these page views since they’re probably coming from myself setting up the blog šŸ˜¬


That’s it!

Terribly short but just to get the ball rolling.

See you and thanks for stopping by :)

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