I’m a Very Slow Thinker

I’m a Very Slow Thinker

I came across this post titled “I’m very slow thinker” by Derek Sivers and I really liked it. Not just because it’s well written but because it’s a detailed description of myself

I usually take a lot of time thinking about questions. In meetings, I usually take notes. Lots of them, even in my head. I want to process them later.

Do you want to ask me a question in the middle of the meeting? “I’m thinking about it” will be the default answer, unless you press me firmly against the wall.

Surprisingly, I usually have an answer and opinions for everything. Even for subjects that I don’t know or that I don’t care that much.

Being these answers and options right or wrong, I have them.

That’s an interesting scenario since I still want to think about my own opinions. The motivation? Challenging myself. A temptation to avoid some kind of cognitive bias. Or simply, I’m too slow

Probably my first reaction, answer, and motivation will be outdated. I really believe that.

If I answer something really quickly, then in the second later, I’m trying to invalidate what I’ve sad.

I’m not smart enough to have quick answers that are deep and valuable. I prefer to think about them for 5, 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll give you an answer next week.

I’ll grab a beer and I promise thinking about your question while I’m sitting on my balcony

But I completely understand the art of imperfection and speed. And making decisions. I really do.

Incomplete answers that can be improved over time. You can compound different perspectives while being in a discussion.

“good is better than perfect” someone says. It’s outdated but true.

Probably the brain side that knows it is different from the brain side that takes actions, that answers questions. Who knows.

As Derek says, this probably makes me stupid. Different from him, I’m usually worried about it. The acceptance phase is still coming. I’m waiting. With a beer, on my balcony.

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