Does Google Search Ranking Hate My Subfolders?

Does Google Search Ranking Hate My Subfolders?


Running out of time? Short answer: No. I wouldn’t worry about that at all

More curious?

How does a subfolder look like?

You might have this

Or you might have this

Both are using subfolders, which almost represent a category in my case:




Does Google differentiate URLs with less or more subfolders?

According to Google, Noup. Google doesn’t give a higher ranking based on the number of subfolders.

Google looks at the way you structure your site and Google loves to see a good connection between your URLs and how easy it is to navigate between them.

What about the usability?

In my opinion, it seems nicer to just share a simpler URL, like this:

  • It’s easier to read
  • It’s easier to share
  • It’s easier to remember and pay attention


Compared with


So, why don’t you just use the second one? 😒

2 Reasons

Reason 1 - It’s more maintainable when it comes to writing new posts and editing old ones.

I’m using Hugo with GitHub btw


But with Hugo I can easily indicate aliases, which allows me to use the simpler URL

  - /personal/i-am-a-very-slow-thinker/
  - /blog/i-am-a-very-slow-thinker/
  - /i-am-a-very-slow-thinker/

Reason 2 - It works like a wrapper of posts, for that category

The URL above shows all of the posts under that subfolder. Nice!

That’s all for today and thanks for the visit!

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